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Willow Brook Stables offers a variety of services to meet you and your horse's needs. Whether your young horse needs sales preparation, racehorse needs some rest and relaxation, your turf horse needs a place to go for the winter, or you have a yearling that needs to be broke and prepared for life at the race track we have you covered. 

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 Willow Brook Stables offers complete rest and recuperation for horses in demanding activities, whether that be a top class hunter/jumper or elite racehorse. We can provide stall rest or turnout in one of our smaller paddocks for horses recovering from injuries or a larger more spacious paddock for a horse just needing to stretch their legs and be a "horse" for a while. Whether your horse just needs a freshening or is recuperating from injury we offer specialized around the clock care for each horse. Our facilities allow us to resume your horse's conditioning before they head back to the race track or their intended use. We will help your horse get back in action faster

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Sales Prep


When its time to prepare yearlings for a sale we will provide each horse with a conditioning and feed program tailored to their individual needs so they will be at peak physical condition and appearance at the sale. The yearlings will all go for long walks on the EuroXciser and if needed free lunge in the roundpen. Night turnout, daily grooming, top quality feed and supplements will ensure every horse looks their best and achieves their full potential in the sales ring.

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The breaking process is a key stage of any horse’s career and we believe a good beginning and education is fundamental to a horse’s future success. We treat each horse individually, focusing on attention to detail and giving them as much time as they need. Our indoor facilities allow to keep them going in the winter and develop condition before heading to the race track.

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